Sports Committee

The aims and objectives of the Sports Committee is to promote and develop students’ interest in games, sports and related activities. The Sports Committee of the College organises several sports meet throughout the year.


  1. To provide better sports facilities to the students to perform well in sports.
  2. To help students to show their maximum potential in sports.
  3. To encourage students to participate in sports and games for their physical and mental well being.
  4. To enhance student’s sportsmanship and commitment.
  5. To inculcate the sense of fair play, sporting spirit and sportsmanship among the students.


  1. To create eagerness amongst students towards sports.
  2. Encourage the students to take part, organise and conduct various sports and games in the college.
  3. To convene sports committee meetings.
  4. Preparation of sports schedule and sports budget.
  5. Organizes various events for the students.
  6. Conducts inter-class competitions for students.